At CDIL, we acknowledge generative AI is a technology that will impact teaching practices across Boston College.

We believe thoughtful engagement with AI is the best way to shape its role in teaching and learning, but we also assume this will happen on a diverse and evolving spectrum, from skepticism to full embrace.  

On the spectrum between from banning AI entirely to welcoming it with open arms, we imagine a spacious middle ground where most of us are working to find ways to help students engage with AI in deliberate ways that support their learning.

AI Zones of Engagement: AI-Free, AI-Assisted, and AI-Friendly

You might even find yourself identifying with multiple points on the spectrum at different times, depending on the course you’re teaching or the specific assessments you are designing with your students. 

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, we hope you’ll join the conversation with others at Boston College and find a form of engagement that fits with your goals and our approach to teaching.


The resources in this section are meant to provide some starting points for an ongoing conversation about our relationship to GenAI as it continues to evolve and we continue to learn.

Please contact us if you have feedback, questions, or resources you’d like to share.