LockDown Browser Quickstart Guide

Basic steps for enabling LockDown browser in your Canvas site.

Instructor Setup

1. Choose LockDown Browser from Course Menu

After you create your quiz, choose “LockDown Browser” from the course menu. (It’s often at the bottom of the list just above “Settings“).

2. Select Settings

Screenshot showing "Setting"s in dropdown menu below a green arrow

You’ll see a page listing all of your quizzes.  Click on the green “V” to the left of the quiz title and choose “Settings.”

3. Choose “Require LockDown Browser for this exam”

In Settings, (screenshot follows) select “Require LockDown Browser for this exam.”  In most cases, that may be all you need to do before clicking “Save + Close.” 

Additional Options and Advanced Settings

Password Settings

The access code, rarely used, is to ensure everyone begins the exam at the same time.  If used, you’d announce the code to the class just before the exam starts. 

Advanced Settings

  • Advanced settings are mostly self-explanatory and come with an “explain” link for more information.  
  • We generally recommend that people do NOT select “Allow access to specific external web domains” and in most cases it’s an unnecessary inconvenience to “Require LockDown Browser to view post-exam feedback and results,” though it is the default setting.


For more information about the options to “Require Respondus Monitor (automated proctoring) for this exam,” and “Allow instructor live proctoring for this exam (via Zoom, Teams, etc),” as well as some other supplementary documentation, see the CTE’s Get Started with LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor.

There are additional support resources available from the same LockDown Browser page pictured above: 

Screenshot highlighting tabs for "Getting Started," "Video Tutorials," and "Guides & Support"

Student Requirements


Students will need to download the LockDown Browser onto their own computers before taking a LockDown Browser quiz or exam, unless they have previously done so at BC, as many may have. Download Lockdown Browser

Practice Quizzes

We suggest that you create a practice quiz that uses LockDown Browser so students can be sure that the LockDown Browser works for them on a no-risk quiz before they take a real quiz.


Prior Use from Another School

A few students may have installed a version of LockDown Browser from another school, which will not work here. In that case, if they download the LockDown Browser using the above URL, it will replace their existing incorrect LockDown Browser with the BC version.

Additional Documentation

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