Tip: Inserting Your Cursor Between Elements

If you’re unable to place your cursor between elements, use the Action Toolbar to add a paragraph below it.

This a tip for editing with the new version of the Design Tools in Canvas.

Video Instructions

Video Summary

This video provides a quick tip on how to position your cursor between elements in the new design tools, especially when dealing with adjacent blocks.

Situation: You might encounter a situation where you have two blocks next to each other and need to insert a new element between them, but it’s not clear how how to place your cursor where you want it to go.

Problem: If you try to add an element directly, it may be placed within an existing block instead of between the two blocks.

Step-by-Step Solution:

  1. Identify the Blocks:
    • First, identify the two blocks between which you want to insert the new element.
  2. Use the Action Toolbar:
    • Go to the action tool bar in the Design Tools sidebar and look for the option to add a paragraph. This option is crucial for creating space between the blocks.
  3. Pay Attention to Cursor Placement:
    • Be mindful of where your cursor is. If you click ‘Add Paragraph’ while your cursor is within a text element, it will add a new paragraph after that text element, not between the blocks.
  4. Select the Correct Block:
    • To properly insert space, highlight the content block that precedes the location where you want to add the new element.
  5. Add a Paragraph for Space:
    • With the correct block highlighted, click ‘Add Paragraph’. This action creates a space between the two blocks.
  6. Insert the New Element:
    • Now that you have a space, you can add your new element, such as an accordion. It will appear between the two blocks instead of being nested inside one of them.

Conclusion: This quick tip helps you find the right spot to place your cursor when working with adjacent blocks, ensuring that new elements are added precisely where you intend.

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