Adding Content Using Design Tools

Design Tools provides a variety of content types you can add to Canvas to enhance the experience of your site.

The “Add New Element” pane is the starting point for adding Design Tools components into your Canvas Rich Text Editor

If you want to start with some pre-built versions of content, Block Templates and Page Templates can be useful ways to get started.

Activate the Add New Element Tab

Screenshot highlighting the Add New Elements tab

In the Design Tools sidebar, click the tab with the plus icon (second from the left) to enable the Add New Element sidebar.

Chose Content to Add

Screenshot of adding an accordion component into the rich text editor
  • Place your cursor in the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) where you want to insert new content.
  • Select a tool and it will always insert new content (sometimes placeholders) to the Canvas RCE at the cursor position.
  • After it’s inserted into the Canvas RCE, the new content is set as the current element and the Edit Current Element tab is activated.

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