About Design Tools

Design Tools is an add-on for Canvas that provides a number of advanced design features for improving the usability and accessibility of Canvas sites.


Developed by Cidi Labs, DesignPlus from Cidi Labs (more commonly referred to as “Design Tools at Boston College) has been used at Boston College since 2017 when it was introduced to support the development of online programs and courses. 

Design Tools opens as a sidebar with a suite of features that supplement the default rich text editor wherever it appears in Canvas. 

In 2023, CDIL began the process of rolling out Design Tools to all uses (not just online courses) to coincide with the transition to the new version of the tool.

New Design Tools Vs Old Version

Beginning in early 2024, the new version of Design Tools will become available for all Canvas users. 

Please Note: If any of your courses have used Design Tools prior to 2024, you’ll need to update your content before using the new version. An Update Tool will appear automatically if you open Canvas content that it recognizes as needing an update. For instructions, see Upgrading Design Tools Content.

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