Updating the Syllabus Tool

The Syllabus Tool can be used a place to share a static version of your syllabus alongside modules for course content.

While it’s not uncommon to set the Syllabus tool as the Canvas homepage, the Canvas Homepage Template uses a page instead. Links from the homepage and left course menu take students to a print version of your syllabus (or you can paste course information into the Rich Text Editor on that page). This creates a separate space for the static print version of your syllabus with the added benefit of making it available to the BC syllabus search. See Share Your Syllabus – CTE Resources.

Your course modules then serve as the interactive and updated version of your course schedule where students access course content on a day-to-day basis.

Note: You can disable the Course Summary (the list of assignments at the bottom of the syllabus) if you prefer. See the Syllabus tool documentation for instructions.

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